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Knowledge Platform for Vocational Education

The Stairway to SDG platform is targeted at professionals in the vocational educational field, who have the possibility of raising awareness about sustainable development and promoting debate, practice and innovation among youth.

Aims of the platform:
  1. To educate, inform and raise awareness about sustainable development.
  2. To help educators to integrate sustainable development education into their teaching practice.
  3. To provide educators with a range of structured activities related to the sustainable development goals, tailored for vocational education, which can be used directly with learners.
  4. To provide educators with good practice examples to inspire and to integrate into teaching.
  5. To promote the ‘Stairway to SDG’ App to measure user's sustainable behaviours.
  6. To provide a Community for users to share results and progress.
  7. To assist in the wider dissemination of the project by providing an online space to introduce the project concept, its expected outputs, and partners.
  8. To provide a point of contact for interested parties (educators, VET organisations, education authorities, amongst others).

My.Stairway - Measurement App

To facilitate this work and evaluate changes in the behaviour of students, we have developed a novel app specifically designed to work in schools.

The self-assessment app works as a barometer which aims to stimulate reflection and to support practical ways to think about and deal with Agenda 2030 and its 17 goals.

Activities for students

The basis of the didactic proposal is to offer a several tools that includes content and information on sustainability through the different SDGs, and direct experiences in the implementation of practical and participatory actions related to Agenda 2030.

The activities use real-world tasks and curated resources to support teachers to plan and define an educational action with their students. Their aim is to provide a learning method not based on traditional knowledge transfer.

We endorse informal and non-formal learning activities able to promote learning through discovery and research, centred on the learner, open to collaboration and interaction with different actors, oriented to action and connected with real issues and the needs of society.

Manual of Good Practice

During the second phase of the project, we will compile a manual of pilot experiences which will promote and activate good practices in the VET area. The objective of this manual will be to promote changes towards sustainability in specific areas of curricula. This manual will be a compilation of promotional, dissemination, research and evaluation activities of our intellectual output aiming to valorise and promote the process of creation.