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This goal aims to reduce global maternal mortality, prevent communicable and non-communicable diseases, and strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. This goal is closely related to our daily life and it reflects our attitudes to personal hygiene and physical and psychological well-being. It is also related to the new personal hygiene rules related to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic which has a great impact on our daily hygiene routines.

Daily personal behaviour is very important in order to enable and encourage learners to become active agents in the promotion and taking care of their well-being. Although personal hygiene is very important, it is necessary to also consider proper nutrition, daily habits and ways in which we promote healthy lifestyles. Taking care of your health also includes maintaining work rhythm in coordination with the natural sleep cycle.

In connection with this project, we can summarise this SDG in three main competencies which are essential especially for young people in our society: daily hygiene and healthy habits, safe driving, responsible sexual behaviour. The students should know and promote physical well-being and also understand the status of mental health and recognise the limits of daily life related to mental health. They should also promote safe driving, which is a very important skill that all young people should obtain. Finally, it is important to acknowledge the capacity to promote and adopt responsible sexual habits.

Action Area

  • Healthy lifestyles

    Healthy lifestyles

    This area refers to all behaviours connected to leading a healthy lifestyle to have a good life. This supposes awareness about healthy behaviours which allows us to achieve long-term well-being. It is important to consider that living a good life also means living in a clean and healthy environment and eating quality local and safe food. We need to consider the food we eat and how our diets are related to short supply chains. This includes understanding and ability to choose local and seasonal ingredients to prepare meals.
  • Personal hygiene and fitness

    Personal hygiene and fitness

    This area concerns the need to take good care of our hygiene and the health of our bodies. Every person needs to be able to take proper care of their physical well-being. Good health of each individual means good health for the population. Thus, spreading healthy personal hygiene and well-being habits means enhancing collective health. This area includes the capacity to keep one’s body in good shape by leading active everyday life which proposes performing a daily exercise or some kind of sport regularly.
  • Mental well-being

    Mental well-being

    This area concerns every knowledge and behaviour that focuses on mental and psychological health in our current complex society. This area also includes knowledge and behaviours to prevent alcohol and drug addiction, including addiction to the internet, electronic devices, video games and other types of addiction. It’s connected with the capacity of people to know themselves and not utilise tools and substances in such ways that can create harmful addictions. This also suggests knowledge of services which help people to deal with addictions available in your country and the ability to recognise and use them.
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